You really don’t know who or what to trust on the Internet – and I’m sick of it.
I’m going to let you in on a little-known secret…
All of the huge mansions, exotic cars, and private jets you see the “gurus” flaunting…

They are leased or put on credit cards they’ll never payback.
Who cares if they are ballin’ out on the ‘gram?
I don’t for sure but when I see them peddling lies on my newsfeed…
I get angry.

It wasn’t too long ago…
I was an entrepreneur that sunk everything into a new VR inspirational training platform. We built it on Google’s Daydream VR platform. Then out of nowhere Google felt the platform was no longer viable and shut Daydream down. Now, like tens of thousands of other developers on Daydream, it was all over…

I had to “step up” and figure out how else to put food on the table.
I knew the people I met along the way were brilliant. They had ideas that could change the world, but they had no way to reach that world.

Since I was young, I bought book after book looking for the secrets to success.
Went to this training…  that seminar… this Software… that plug-in…
You name it!
All promising to give me an edge and help me find my way to greatness.

Then it hit me. The truly successful people I have met along the way had 1 single thing they did which nobody else followed but made them successful. There really was a common denominator.

I started reaching out to my mentors to prove what I believed was real. I asked them in the form of questions not attached to the usual “Why are you successful” line of questioning.

I asked each… “If you could instantly instill in a child, 1 Habit, what would it be and why?”

I believed the common denominator was – hugely successful people did things every day, that anyone could follow but 99.9% of the people would not. They each had Habits that served them to take over when motivation wore off and the day looked the bleakest. Habits that put them on Automatic pilot to the destiny just waiting for them.

One by one as they answered the question, these mentors reinforced my mindset and my life mission followed.

This quest definitely did not happen overnight…
I still had to put in the hard work.
I spent long hours, asking the question to my mentors and hundreds of other highly successful people.
It was worth every second because I had direction… I knew EXACTLY where I was aiming!

When I was finished it was 100% clear. All of these incredibly successful people each knew exactly what 1 Habit in their life they would pass on and they were hugely passionate about the Habit.

BTW… When I asked the question, in every case, each and every one of these people immediately knew that Habit. They never had to think about it.

With this knowledge in place, I went back to 100 of these high achievers and asked them to be in a book. Contribute one chapter with your Habit and the reason why it can change people’s lives.
No long drawn-out stories.
No talking about their business or the stuff they owned. (Which truly successful people don’t do)

Just their 1 Habit and the why.

I took what I learned and with the help of some friends turned these 100 Habits into a book called 1 Habit. The book was released in June of 2019.

People did not use the book like a normal book. They flipped through it and landed on a Habit. If that Habit resonated with them, they would do the work to make that Habit a part of who they are.
Once instilled, they grabbed the book, flipped through, and landed on a new Habit. 1 by 1 reader would build Habits into their lives that would put their lives on automatic pilot to the dreams they desired.

That first 1 Habit book has grown into a movement. We have now released even more specific 1 Habit books.
Books like – 1 Habit to Beat Cancer, 1 Habit For a Thriving Home Office, 1 Habit to Thrive in a Post-Covid World, 1 Habit for Women Action takers, and many more.

In the process, we helped to create 700 Best-Selling Authors from around the world and our 1 Habit books are changing lives, 1 Habit at a time.

We have mastered the art of publishing books each with 100 contributors. where each contributor creates and submits their chapters in less than an hour.

Every book we have to publish immediately is available for purchase in 39,000 locations around the world and all have become Best-Sellers.

We have found the true key to success for our readers.
We have created a simple process for Authors.
Our 1 Habit brand is becoming viable.

Now, all we need to truly expand and reach millions around the world is funding. We have a plan in place to create international 1 Habit content and publishing Hubs that will allow us to create 1 Habit books in the languages and from the hearts of people in 5 global regions. This will grow our business by 10X in the next two years.

If you are interested in being a part of a company that truly does good in the world.
That helps people discover and reach their destiny…
and makes money in the process…

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