KMB – What is the origin of your name?

My name originated from France. It comes from the famous line “Deja Vu”. It means “been here before”.

KMB – What did you get out of your experience competing in The Voice as a performer?

The things I experienced on NBC’s The Voice were things I could not have experienced anywhere else. The whole process was like a whirlwind and I quickly discovered that maintaining due diligence was the key to moving forward to the next level. The staff and producers on the show taught me so much more about staging, positioning, and presentation than I had ever known. The vocal coaching introduced me to a variety of techniques and enhanced my vocal inflections and pitch. It was a great experience, choreography and vocal control.

KMB – Which singers have inspired you or have influenced your style?

There are so many singers out there that have influenced my style, but I really have to give a huge shoutout Elle Varner. I am a huge fan of hers, and I hope to one day meet her. She’s such an unique artist with a style and voice all her own. She’s my role model, and someone positive to look up too.

KMB – Your music video for your single “Victorious” deals with the serious problem of bullying. What’s your message to kids who are experiencing it?

Bullying is a hurtful thing intended to attack your self-esteem. But don’t let what people say destroy your dreams and who you are as a beautiful human being. If you notice in the “Victorious” video, bullies were portrayed but friends were also right there. Keep moving forward with all your might and with all of the support you receive from people close to you. Don’t give up on your goals, but more importantly, never ever let anyone take your joy away from you. In the end, you will be “victorious”.

KMB – We know you are in the studio recording your debut album following up your success at The Voice. What can KillerBuzzers expect?

I’m pretty much known for my soft melodic ballads. Shakira commented on the show that my voice was “Angelic.” Let’s just say there are a couple of songs that show a stronger more mature side of me where I just let loose.

KMB – Who are your mentors?

My dad, mom, two brothers, and my sister are my mentors. They are all positive individuals and ideal role models for anyone to emulate. I was raised in a family of goal oriented people who just happens to be blessed with musical talents in one form or another. My family has encouraged and supported me in everything I’ve done, and because they all give 100 percent towards their goals, they push me to be my best.

KMB – What’s a day in the life of Deja Hall in three sentences?

Since I attend Texas State University, the start of my day includes focusing on the academic challenges in front of me. At some point before the day is over, I have to communicate with someone in my family about my day and how the family is doing. Finally, my day cannot end without me giving Praise to God for the gifts He blessed me with that day.

KMB – What was the greatest lesson you learned working with Shakira?

The greatest lesson I learned working with Shakira is that my voice is a gift that will continue to develop and grow stronger with hard work. She told me I have a gift that should be shared. My style and my voice are enjoyed by others. She encouraged and empowered me to put all doubt behind me, and to know that being a recording artist is right there in front of me. All I have to do is go after it.

KMB – You have been compared with the late Whitney Houston. How did she influence your music?

I am very humble that people would place me anywhere near the category of Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston had the greatest voice I ever heard. In my opinion, she set a the standard for all female vocalists. She had it all; vocal strength and control, stage presence, and performance. Her influence on me is unmeasurable. What I take from her is to develop a work ethic that will be my roadmap to success.

KMB – Where do you see yourself in a year?

In a year a see myself preparing for graduation from Texas State University and performing in front of thousands of people.


Director: Bryan Ramirez
Location: Texas

Deja Hall – Photos by Josue Peña

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