At the end of every year, discussions regarding the best rap albums often turn into heated in-your-face fights. In 2017, we were able to debate between a variety of releases from top-tier acts, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, JAY-Z and others. This time, Killer Music Buzz delves into new sizzling breakout efforts from burgeoning acts such as Joey Bada$$, Vince Staples and more specifically, B-Ret.  We spoke to the rapper in Los Angeles right before the release of his album “Falsely Accused Chapter One” where he gave us an insight on his new release.

KMB: What is the inspiration for your Album: Falsely Accused: Chapter OneCan you tell us why you chose that particular title for it?

My inspiration for the album came from my life in entertainment as well as my professional and personal relationships. This album got its start from the song “Without Her”, which was written the day after my fiancée broke up.

Rapper B-Ret cover of Avant Garde Magazine January 2018. Photo Courtesy Avant Garde Magazine

It was a personal choice for me to select this title for my album as the title was based on a past relationship and the accusations that were thrown at me. As for the “Chapter Onepart of the title, it came after a decision to split up the album into two parts. There is a song on Chapter 2 that is called “Love Story”. This song is the Romeo and Juliet story about her & I.

KMB: What motivated you to become a rapper?

I have always liked music. I believe that Rap is more like a musical poem. It just resonates with me.  I like to experience the feeling that rap music gives me when I perform, as it opens itself to multiple ways of delivery when I’m choosing how to rap the lyrics to my audience. They can be nice, sweet, angry, fun, in a partying mode, or even pissed-off.

I guess in the end my motivation to become a rapper is to try and help to make the world a better place. If my songs resonate with my audience or even help out someone who listens to them, then this makes the whole musical process even better. At a personal level, the process of writing, recording, and performing serves as therapy for me.

KMB: What thought process goes into creating your lyrics?

My lyrics are an existential piece of myself as a person, of my life, and of the things I have gone through. There are times when I will be thinking about a situation, or experiencing certain emotions, and the lyrics will just jump into my head. There are other times when I will sit down and re-visit something I wrote a few years prior and the piece will make more sense to me so I will work on it some more.

KMB: Which demographic do you wish to reach out to with your music?

I don’t really have a specific demographic for my music. I want my music to connect with anyone that likes my songs or needs to hear them. I consider that audience in particular to be my true demographic.

KMB: What is your favorite track on your album?  What about it makes stand out for you?

WOW! That’s a tough question to answer. My choice for favorite song depends on what I am feeling in the moment or the mood of it. I really like “Fallin’” because it’s about true love and finding that one soul mate.  “El Eyy Party” is a fun song to dance and party to.  In the case of “Without Her”, this song reminds me that for a short time I had a really good life with a wonderful person but just as all things, it came to an end. It reminds me to enjoy what is present now and to always be appreciative for the things one has in life because they can go away and may never come back.

KMB: Which performers would you say have inspired you to create music? Which ones have had an influence on your style as a rapper?

I love music in general. I grew up being a Rock & Roll kid. I listened to KISS, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, and Van Halen among other singers and performers. That being said, my inspiration actually came from performers like Linkin Park, Eminem, Hollywood Undead, Flo-Rida, Pittbull, and G-Eazy. These are some of my rap inspirations. Linkin Park’s music really helped me go through some struggles & G-Easy is just …well, he’s legit.

KMB: Tell us about a situation that has made you proud in your career?  Why was this a stand out moment? What was the outcome of this situation?

A few years ago I wrote and recorded a song called “Lighting” and got the opportunity to perform it live a few times.  The Executive Producer of the L.A. Music Awards had previously seen me perform live and he really liked my energy on stage. A few months later, I was nominated for an L.A. Music Award for “Rap Performer of the Year” and I won. That was the start of this journey for me.  I knew then that if I chose to pursue this part of my entertainment career, I would make it.

KMB: Are there any musicians that you admire? What is it about them and their work that speaks to you as an artist? Who do you see collaborating with in the future?

This is a tough one.  I feel inspired by all kinds of music, but Rock & Rap are my favorites. It’s hard for me to pick one specific artist out of all to collaborate with, but if I had the chance, I guess G-Easy, Hollywood Undead, Flo-Rida, Kiss, and Metallica would be the great contenders. The musical work from all of these artists has different messages that mean different things to me. I like Hollywood Undead because they are upbeat and can usually get me singing in the car, and feel that G-Easy has more of a love theme connected to some of his songs. Still, I would love to collaborate with any of the artists previously mentioned, but to be able to perform with Hollywood Undead or Flo-Rida would be amazing.

KMB: Where would you love to perform?

My dream is to do a U.S.O. tour to help entertain the troops abroad.  As veteran myself, I want to go out and perform for all of my brothers & sisters in the military service and be able to give something back to them. After that, my second dream venue would be to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

KMB: Tell us about a special moment for you while making this album. What made it special?

I got to collaborate with Piper. She is a close friend of mine, and a person I greatly admire. Piper and I co-wrote and recorded “Fallin’” together. She is an amazing singer, a true friend, a wonderful woman, and someone that I fell in love with. Recording with her was truly a blessing. I am definitely looking forward to Chapter Two when we will be collaborating once again on two additional songs. I’m super stoked about that!

KMB: You are being compared and being called the new San Kinison. How do you feel about that?

Well, I was a big fan of Sam Kinison. He was an inspiration to my comedy side in entertainment, so to be compared to him is really an honor for me.  I wish I could have had the chance to meet him before he passed away.

KMB: If you were to describe the day of Brett Hunt in 3 sentences, what would it be?

For me, a typical day usually starts with coffee, followed by running some errands or running to my office, then lunch with my business partners, meetings, or management team.

Sometimes my day will consist in heading to the park and just relaxing, followed by going to the gym for swimming in the late afternoon,  then maybe go out with friends after, or working on things that need to be finished.

During go times my day consists on going to the studio to record, or being on set acting & producing or working on new projects, as well as basically doing anything I want to do since I like living my life on my terms and having a fun adventurous time doing it!

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