Virtual reality, often referred to as VR, has recently received an unprecedented amount of hype in global news. With almost every tech giant investing hundreds of millions in VR technology, it must make you wonder what’s fueling this “gold rush” mentality.

There is increasing convergence between communications, entertainment and media. It was initially started by the Internet, and VR is now accelerating this convergence at a much faster pace. VR will truly be the fastest growing media platform on earth and one company, Envision Media Partners is leading the way in a VR niche which could become the most profitable of all.

Up till now VR was used predominantly in gaming and entertainment. International game developers venturing into VR include those working on Deus Ex, Mr Robot and Gran Turismo. However, recent developments in various technologies now has enabled VR to take off and become bigger than anything we have ever seen. Even bigger than the Internet itself.

While a great deal of focus has been in the adrenaline filled gaming world, Envision Media Partners saw VR as a revolutionary tool that could be the first major technology advancement into the $84 billion dollar Personal Development and Corporate training market place in a hundred years.

Envision Media Partners has built the first Personal Development and Corporate Training platform around the immersive characteristics of VR with the belief that it is so full of potential that it could become the ultimate educational platform for humankind. They call the Platform Envision VR.

Envision VR will forever change the Personal Development and Corporate Training experience.

Imagine “sitting” in the same room as the greatest Mentors, Motivators and Trainers on the planet, all without leaving your home or cubicle. Put on your VR headset and with Envision VR you are transported to an immersive world which you cannot look away from where you learn more deeply, more rapidly, more completely all without any of the distractions of the world around you.

For individuals, this will become the ultimate transformational platform. Giving people advances that could only be reached by actually sitting face to face with the worlds greatest Mentors.

For companies, they will be able to deliver training at the highest level without the need to move thousands of people around the World to destination training events and conferences. This will save billions of dollars a year in costs of putting on events and even more in lost revenues due to the disruption of moving masses of employees to and from events.

Limitless Media Platform

Envision VR leverages the smartphone market as its distribution platform. There are already 3 billion smartphone users globally and this number will double to 6 billion by 2020. Envision VR is easily incorporated into these smartphones via an easy to install App which will be found in all major App stores. Once installed on a smartphone, all that is needed is a VR headset which have become less and less expensive with the best of the pack such as the Google Daydream currently selling for around $70.00.

The Perfect Team

Over the last year, Envision Media Partners has built up an incredibly skilled in-house cross-disciplinary VR team made up of some of the most innovative storytellers in the industry. The company has also built strong relationships with key Mentors, Authors and Trainers who are developing content for the Envision VR platform.

The Company has also joined forces with tech partners who’s technological advice has been hugely significant, enabling us to push the boundaries of the VR both technically and creatively by adding A.I. technology into the product.

Capitalize on the Next Wave of the Technology Stock Boom

Looking forward, the next Tech Stock Boom is inevitable. In fact, we are already seeing the early signs of this as the Nasdaq has reached all-time highs. New technology is already moving forward with good momentum and its pace will be accelerated through VR.

Investors should act now to recognize the potentials of VR. When VR eventually takes off, everyone will follow herd mentality and it will be too late to jump onto the bandwagon then.

Envision Media Partners is currently offering investors a way to get in at the very beginning of this next wave technology stock boom. The company is offering Pre-IPO shares, selling for a limited time at $2.50 a share. On August 4th 2017 the company was approved for its Reg-A stock offering to raise to $18.75 million dollars over a 12 month period of time.

With the funding in place, Envision Media Partners will be poised to become an industry leader in the worlds of Personal Development and Corporate Training. The company will launch its first version of the Envision VR App the 4th quarter of 2017 and after money raise period will apply to become a publicly traded company with the goal of listing on the Nasdaq.

Envision Media Partners choose the Regulation A offering as it has become an increasingly popular method of raising up to $20 million per year in growth capital.

As the company launches its consumers will be critically important. Reg A+ offerings appeal deeply to consumers to be viable, because the consumers who will are early adopters of Envision VR will also invest when they see they love the product. In essence the company is raising money from both investors looking to get in the next technology stock boom and future consumers who will be first adapters and fans of Envision VR.

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