How does one come to be known as the “chicken whisperer” of one the most popular food hubs in the US? We sat down with Chef-Owner Kevin Sbraga of The Fat Ham to find out.

Chef-Owner Kevin Sbraga of The Fat Ham

Tell us about your inspiration for The Fat Ham.
I traveled to Nashville in January of 2012 to visit my good friend, Chef Arnold Myint. He introduced me to Hot Chicken at a spot called Bolton’s. A few days later, I was still thinking about how much I enjoyed and craved it. It was something that I knew I had to put on my menus one day.

How did you come to be dubbed the “Chicken Whisperer” of Philadelphia?
It’s because I make the best damn fried chicken in the city! I don’t know how Art Etchells from Foobooz came up with the name, but he did. And I love it.

Philadelphian’s can’t get enough of your southern soul food. What do you love about serving folks in Philly?
Philly folks keep it honest, and that’s what I love the most about serving them. If they love you, they love you. And if they don’t, they tell you that too.

It’s late and you just got home from a long day. What makes it all better?
Grilled. Cheese. Sandwiches.

You’ve got some great company among Philly chefs. Who’s inspiring you these days?
I pay attention to a lot of folks, but the one I watch the most is George Sabatino from Aldine. I love how he captures his thought process through Instagram.

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