Answering your business phone “Hello!” is the first sign in the mind of a client, investor or prospect that you are a tiny company when in reality you are best thing that could ever happen to them.  You need to create a perception that you can compete with anyone and that starts with a professional phone system.  You also need to sound professional and be able to do business anywhere.  Walk into a Starbucks and look around. Its filled with Entrepreneurs. So you need to sit anywhere ans still have the perception of a big company.

After trying many different solutions I have found one that I consider to be the best one out there. Its so good that we use it for our companies and I referral it to all my friends. I even made a deal with them to save people money that want to try it out.

The system is Grasshopper  “The entrepreneur’s phone system”.  I feel it is the best system for any small to midsize Entrepreneur . If you’re a business looking for a professional appearance and want amazing functionality of a business-grade Private Branch eXchange (PBX)—without anything other than cell phones or normal landlines, Grasshopper is right up your alley.

Here is the scoop…

Grasshopper is a virtual phone service company that allows you to use a toll-free number, vanity number, or local number as your business number. They offer a service where all your inbound calls are redirected to your smartphone! So you could basically go anywhere you want and answer incoming calls from your customers.They call this the entrepreneur phone system, which offers unlimited file extensions and the ability to send and receive faxes too. This is definitely an awesome add-on to any growing business and highly recommended to help build a brand image.After all, just having a toll-free number offers many benefits. It provides a consumer a first impression that your business is professional, well-established, or structured like any other small to big businesses. Of course, the toll-free service provide consumers the ability to contact you free of charge.

Features and Interface

Choosing a business phone number

You can choose from a variety of phone numbers from toll-free, local, or you can even keep your existing number and transfer that.

For the toll-free numbers, you have an option to choose from the several numbers and you can choose a vanity number as well. Just like the ones you hear on TV or commercials (1-800-FLWGRL)

  • 800, 888, 877, 866 & 855 numbers

You have an option with local numbers if you wanted to create a local feeling for your customers. You can get a local number anywhere in the U.S and port over an existing number.

Grasshopper Smart App

This is probably one of the best feature that I love about Grasshopper. I use this app everyday when answering phone calls for my own small business. It is basically an app for both android and apple devices, where it basically emulates another phone device.

It displays your messages, call history, SMS, faxes and even a phone dialer to make outbound calls. This is so convenient and amazing, this saves you so much time since you have almost everything conveniently placed into that one app. You don’t need any of those expensive phone systems or hardware with this all in one virtual phone app.

Business SMS-Texting

This is definitely a new feature added on recently. I’ve only used it a few time so far but it has worked wonderfully. For an additional $10.00 a month per number, I get unlimited text messages to send to anyone. You can send these out as “Professional text messages” because it uses you number as an outbound number.

It is a bit funny to my customers when I text them, because most people never seen text messages from a toll-free number. Other than that, its still a very useful source of communication.

Forwarding calls and Receiving E-Mail via voicemail

With your new toll-free or local number, you can have inbound calls redirected to any phone number! You also get unlimited phone extensions like, call Ext. 1 for customer support, Ext. 2 for technical support. There are even information extensions, where it allows your customers to have access to stored information 24/7 for things like store hours, product information, and direction.

When my customers call after business hours, they can record voicemail messages. The voicemail that is recorded can be sent directly to your email with a transcribed message and a sound file that you can download. Definitely another awesome feature, it takes only a minute or two for grasshopper to receive that voicemail email.

Record Greetings Yourself or Use their Voice Studio

I personally use my own voice for the recorded greeting but if you can’t seem to make it sound good or professional for any reason. You can use their professional voice studio, where they have talented individuals make a professional greeting.

Call Routing Extension

I don’t have much experience with this particular feature as I don’t have enough employees to test it. Basically, its a another feature, where phone calls coming are placed onto a hold and evenly distributed to the next available associate. This service seems best suited for businesses in sales or a business with high call volumes.

“Call Routing Extensions from Grasshopper provide customizable extensions to fit your unique calling needs. With Holding Extensions (also know as ACD, or automatic call distribution queues) multiple callers can be on hold simultaneously before automatically being connected to the next available employee.”


Overall, a very high quality service that I recommend Grasshopper to any small business owner. Especially for small business owners who are just starting off and need a cheap effective business phone system. Even established businesses who have been around awhile, could also benefit and reduce cost by using this service and features

I am currently enrolled into the pay you grow plan and that is really all I need for now until my own small business grows a bit larger. When you feel that your ready, you can upgrade to any of their higher end plans at anytime

They have a 30 day money back guarantee, so definitely will not hurt you at all to try it and see if you like it! Cancel anytime before the 30 days if you did not feel satisfied

To rehash some highlights of this service

  • Keep your existing number – Maintain your brand
  • Get a toll free or local number – national or local presence
  • Multiple extensions – for everyone on your team
  • Call forwarding to mobile phones – work from anywhere
  • Voicemails transcribed – delivered to your email
  • No new hardware – use your existing phones
  • Send business text messages – from your local number

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