Brianna & I had a Scream of a time at Monsterpalooza this year.

T’was our first time at the Pasadena Monsterpalooza.

We always feel right at Tomb! So lets get those Gory eye ball ready, oh & Sorry for sounding like Pee-Wee Herman, I had a mean cold that day, and of course we had the HORRORendous Florescent lighting. haha

Butttt aside all of those DEAD issues come w/ us as we creep on around the show finding what we thought were a few of the best vendors (Our Top 5) there, annnnnd play along in our Game “Would you rather”…..

Would you rather wake up one mo(u)ring and permanently have Freddy Krueger’s hand or Nails all over your head & face like Pin Head?

Till then my Dearly Departed, Have a Frightfully good rest of your week. XO

Monsterpalooza is an American multigenre convention focusing on horror, creatures and makeup work. The convention takes place every spring in Los Angeles, California, most recently in the Pasadena Convention Center. A smaller offshoot convention, “Son of Monsterpalooza” is held in Burbank in autumn.

Director Guillermo del Toro said on his Twitter that Monsterpalooza is “the monster convention I dreamt could be possible as a kid”. Critic Brian Collins calls it the “best horror convention of all”.


After a successful trial run in 2008, Monsterpalooza was first organized by Eliot Brodsky in 2009, and held at the Marriott Burbank Convention Center. It has been held annually since then, and usually takes place in March or April. The spring event recently moved from Burbank to the Pasadena Convention Center. A smaller offshoot convention, “Son of Monsterpalooza” is still held in Burbank in September.


James Hong at Monsterpalooza 2011, dressed as David Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China.

Convention programming includes presentations, panels, and workshops. The spring Monsterpalooza event features a museum which displays screen-used props, masks, life-size figures and movie creatures from participating Hollywood FX studios and artists. Workshops focus on the craft; makeup demonstrations and creature effects. The emphasis is on classic horror, including characters from B movies of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Music: Jorel Decker

Video Editing: Yours Gruly

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