Premiere at Marc Cain: The successful fashion company is launching its first own fragrance line, thereby adding a new, sensual dimension to its existing labels.

Three different fragrances are being launched, all reflecting the Marc Cain DNA in their own unique way. This new Marc Cain Beauty label is aimed at the premium customer who already has a high affinity to Marc Cain. The aim is to open up new segments with the products and therefore attract new customers. “With this exclusive range of fragrances, we are now looking to extend our large portfolio on the one hand and also appeal to our target groups on the other. Just like with our fashion collections, the focus is on the development of high-quality products that surprise and inspire,” says Helmut Schlotterer, founder, owner and Chairman of the Management Board.

The exquisite compositions were created by perfumers Corinne Cachen, Maarten Schoute and Michel Almairac. “Mysteriously” is inspired by confident, headstrong women who know what they want. “It is a homage to women surrounded by an aura of mystery and who, driven by passion, can achieve anything they set out to,” explains Michael Förster, Chief Creative Officer of the fragrance manufacturer Lyrique Parfums from Switzerland, also underlining the company philosophy of Marc Cain GmbH.

The unmistakable scents are as unique as the premium fashions by Marc Cain and are presented in sleek, minimalistic bottles. This experimenting with unusual contrasts builds up an air of suspense and also defines Marc Cain’s fashion collections.

Marc Cain Mysteriously No.1
Fragrance note: Fruity-oriental
Fragrance intensity: Freshly intense
The eau de parfum stands out with its intense, fresh and oriental composition. It opens with top notes of Sicilian bergamot, a refreshing citrus component. The fruity finish is perfected with sweet mandarin, apple and a hint of marigold. Its flowery heart note, a combination of sensual jasmine and delicate rose, is rounded off by spicy cinnamon and liquorice accents. Finally, the base note unites refined precious ingredients: benzoin, incense, tonka bean, vanilla and musk. The result is an atmospheric elixir with a unique allure and a modern twist.

Marc Cain Mysteriously No.2
Fragrance note: Floral-oriental
Fragrance intensity: Powdery intense
The second signature fragrance by Marc Cain is based on a composition of tonka bean, powdery vanilla and luxurious musk. The fresh and spicy top note with bergamot, clove and cinnamon opens up the fragrance in a magical way. In the heart note, floral accords are provided by a mix of jasmine, rose, heliotropin and lily of the valley. Warm sandalwood gives this feminine bouquet an incredible elegance and takes the wearer on an extraordinarily mysterious and seductive journey through the wonders of the Orient.

Marc Cain Mysteriously No.3
Fragrance note: Woody-spicy
Fragrance intensity: Voluminously intense
The third fragrance reveals itself as uniquely expressive with unusual depth thanks to its striking signature – the duo of seductive sandalwood and cedarwood. The top note stands out with tangy fresh grapefruit nuances, as well as incense, and the rare tree resin, elemi. In the base note, the combination of musk, tonka bean and vanilla bourbon results in a velvety finish that loses itself in deep sensuality.

The eau de parfums are available in either 40 ml or 80 ml glass bottles. The sophisticated, pastel-hued bottles come in a high-quality box. Adorning the front of the packaging is the typical Marc Cain signet, the leopard head. The print on the inside is a modern, colour- coordinated leopard print that perfectly matches the colour of each bottle.

Each fragrance is complemented by a matching skincare series, consisting of a shower gel (200 ml), a body lotion (200 ml) and a roll-on deodorant (75 ml).

The products will be presented for the first time in July at the Panorama tradeshow in Berlin. From October, they will be available to purchase at Marc Cain stores and retail spaces, from high-end specialist beauty retailers as well as online in the regions of Europe, Asia and North America.

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