Hello Darlings,  I hope all of you have been well!

Aside from just sharing with all of you my fitness journey, I am a Couturier based in West Hollywood, California.

For my clients I do everything from their undergarments, day-to-day casual, professional attire, evening gowns, bridal, therapist, marriage counselor, but truly, most of all a neutral best friend!

All of my clients are such amazing, strong and beautiful women!  They have unique tastes, careers, lifestyles, color palates, and of course body types.  My job as a couturier is not to just make clothes, it is to create an image, something that is made for an individual with thought and passion that truly transforms the woman that wears it.

What people don’t realize is that, besides everything that is mentioned above, it takes a lot for anyone to strip down to their skivvies and be measured to the inch of their life by someone they have only met once maybe twice before. A fitting can last 1-2 hours sometimes and for anyone to be so exposed is very, very personal.

One of my clients called me two weeks ago to create something truly unique for a 1930’s Speakeasy Event she is hosting.  As the host she of course must look the best.

Basic Garment Shape

I am inviting you Darlings into my very private world of couture to share with you how I go about creating magic.

One of my favorite past times is fashion sketching not only does it entertain me, but it also helps me keep my skills sharp. That being said my Darlings; I am not a great artist, I can’t sketch the human body to save my life or at least without the use of a croquis (naked body which you trace over,) but I can sketch clothes like a MOFO.

The most unique aspects of designing a couture gown is developing the sketch for my client.  Beyond stating the obvious, they are not buying clothes off the rack, they need to see what their purchasing.

My client gives me an idea of what their looking for and it is my job is to take their sometimes vague ideas and sketch it into to what the finished garment could look like, with artistic flair of course.

I always start with a sort of Skeletal sketch of the shape my client is looking for, keeping in mind her body type and personality.  I find it to be of the utmost importance to know my client as well as possible.  How she walks, how she interacts with others, her posture, areas she is insecure about (real, or imagined.)

Developing and Styling the sketch

After I have finished with the basic shape of the garment I start to add lovely bits of color here and there, always starting from the bottom,  I am dressing a person, that being said when sketching a garment there are parts of the body that show, so, I color the flesh first, then I start building out the details of the garment and then styling the garment how my client would like to wear it as I go.

Now, if I have done my job correctly, weather my client is sitting next to me sipping a glass off champagne, or, if I am working remotely with my client which does happen quite frequently. At the end of the day I produce an amazing sketch which I must get their approval for before I start to breath life into this wonderful creation.

I have to say my darlings, when a final sketch is revealed to my client the look on their face is only comparable to a child on Christmas morning.  The Look on their face when they try on the finished gown is only comparable to when they open the present containing exactly what they wanted.

However my Darlings, you will have to patiently wait and see just how beautiful this amazing sketch translates from paper to perfection!

Completed Fashion Illustration for your Enjoyment.

All the Best My Darlings,

The Stepford Husband, aka, Your Couturier David Young

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