Hi I’m Steven Samblis and for you people posting videos with your head filling up the screen… we have to talk.

Most of these people have great messages that get lost with the way they are being filmed so even the best looking people look like they have giant noggins.

There is an easy fix that would make your videos more compelling.

Here are a few easy steps to help you deliver your message in the best way possible.

First put the camera on a book shelf and step back. A half to 3/4 shot will be way more watchable. Now we can see your hands and you can be more expressive.

Don’t do these on your laptop. Your camera is probably 4K. Some movies are shot in 4K. Use the best tool you have.

Take the head set out of your ears. What are you listening to? The mic on the phone is better then the one on your head set. It will sound better and you will look better.

Think about what is in the back ground. Close the bathroom or closet door behind you. Go outside with a beautiful back ground.

Put the sun in your face not behind you.

Lastly, do what you would do on stage or in front of an audience. Tell us what you are about tell us. Then tell us. Then tell us what you told us.

There are so many people with great messages. If they only make a few small changes, they would be delivered in an aesthetically pleasing way and more people would benefit from them.