Finally a restaurant that understands and embraces all the opportunities that exist to create the ultimate dining experience.   

From the moment I walked into Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas I knew I was in for something very special.   I approached the front desk a bit early and was greeted with two young ladies that where sincerely happy to welcome me to what become one of the most seamlessly perfect dinners I have ever had.

It’s started with the personalities of each person that interacted with me. I was told I would be seated right away and handed to a lovely host that enthusiastically welcomed me. “Is this your first time joining us?” “Where are you from?” “You are in for a really treat?” She told me a little about the restaurant as we walked to the table.  The restaurant itself is a buzzing, exciting environment with the Red and Blue kitchens and pitch fork and fire motifs peppered with a spattering of Gordon throughout.  

As I sat I gazed about the table to find spotless wine and water glasses perfectly organized around my Hell’s Kitchen napkin and measured and placed silverware.  My waiter approach and gathered information to determine how to best server me.   He went on to tell me about the establishment.  About things I would notice from the show which rekindled my memory of a cursing Gordon as some donkey over cooked the scallops or the risotto.   I would later order both of those items. 

I ordered a tasting menu with the Beef Wellington as the main course.  Started with the scallops but had two try the risotto so added that and I really wanted to try the pumpkin soup but did need even a cup.  The waiter brought me a small tasting of the soup to begin the dinner.  

It was wonderful as I looked around at the staff as they buzzed about with enthusiasm and purpose.  There was a table in front of me that was being set and I notice a fork a bit off and wondered if the bussman would fix it before walking away.  He arranged chairs moved glasses and before he walked away corrected the placement of the fork.  

Everything about this evening was perfection to the point of feeling magical.  I ordered a drink called a Smoke of the Blvd, which arrived in a glass case filled with smoke. The waiter opened the door and smoke billowed out onto the table as I reached in to remove the glass and taste the smoky goodness of the incredibly created and staged drink.  

The environment was so electric and engaging that I became fast friends with an exec from Lionsgate to my right,  in town for CinemaCon, The couple from Vancouver to my left that just got married and the other couple one table further to the left.  We enjoyed wonderful conversation shared food and drinks as we all marveled over everything happening around and in front of us.  

Hell’s Kitchen is truly perfection in every way.  Not a single item that our new “Breakfast club” group was served was not spectacular.  I named us that.   

There is a term call “working garnish”.   That’s a garnish on our plate that has a edible purchase beyond being ornamental.  Well everything it that building was working.   

Bottom line is, if you go to Vegas this will be your greatest dining experience. Do not miss this masterpiece of cuisine, ambience and service.  Hell’s Kitchen is definitely 5 out of 5 stars.

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