Steven Samblis began in business joining Dean Witter in January of 1986.  During his time there he was ranked among the top 50 rookie stock brokers in the company. He spoke at seminars before 250,000 people for The Investors Institute. He went on to speak before congress on shareholder’s rights representing the “United Shares Holders Association.”

In 1990, Steve founded Self Help Zone as the first company to use fax marketing to sell motivational tape programs. As the first fax marketing company in the US, Samblis created a rule book to guide people in the etiquette of selling through the fax machine. A year after the launch of the company, he teamed up with “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, co-founder Mark Victor Hansen to produce an audio program called “The World’s Most Powerful Marketing Tool” which told the story about the creation of the company and how to successfully use fax marketing and the rules of etiquette in which to follow.

Samblis expanded the business opening a production facility and recording studio to produce, manufacture and distribute audio programs for various Speakers. Some of which included “The Master of Success”. Mega Memory”, Zig Ziglar’s “The Secrets of Closing the Sale” and “The Secrets of Staying Motivated” and duplication and distribution of audios from the first CEO Space in October of 1991.

When commerce online was successfully realized, Samblis capitalized on the opportunity. Samblis believed the Self Help industry was particularly suited to on-line retailing for many compelling reasons. He created the Self Help Zone website with virtually unlimited on-line shelf space and offered customers a vast selection of audios and videos online. Selling streaming versions of Audio and Video programs and electronic versions of Books, Self Help Zone could offer an extraordinary number of different items. This extraordinary amount of programs available precludes even the largest physical bookstore from economically stocking more than a small minority of available titles. In addition, by serving a large and global market through on-line Streaming distribution, Self Help Zone was able to realize significant structural cost advantages relative to traditional booksellers.

Samblis sold the company in 2002

Steven Samblis then started IC Places with one entertainment news website in 2002. Within a year Samblis grew the company to 350 city based entertainment news and event websites.

As viewership grew Samblis began creating original content to air on our websites. His most successful show was “The Hollywood Fast Lane” created in partnership with several major movies studios. During the show, Steven Samblis sat down one-on-one and interviewed over a 1000 actors on camera about their upcoming movies. Online the interviews have been watched 270 million times.

As the company grew Samblis expanded distribution across multiple mediums. This included online, Comcast On-Demand, cable TV and terrestrial syndication and delivery to unique outlets including Checkout TV Network, HDTV Network, Dining Network and 7-11 TV. This exposure served as both a profit center and marketing component promoting the company’s TV Networks, its line up and the company’s new media specific programming across multiple platforms.

In December of 2015 Mr Samblis sold the company.

September off 2013, Samblis founded Envision Media partners.  Envision Media Partners is a 
Positive Media Company. 
 With a mission is to Develop, Produce, Acquire & Distribute Positive Media that will help people find greatness in their lives.

The Company began positively disrupting the industry with it’s Envision Virtual Reality platform. EVR is an immersive delivery experiences that creates lasting immediate impact in less time in the worlds of Personal Development, Corporate Training and Corporate Communications.

The Company’s core areas of focus are Personal Development, Corporate Training and Corporate Communications. The goal was to disrupt the industry by building a distribution platform that is easy to use, less expensive to deliver and more impact-full.

The Personal Development, Corporate Training and Corporate Communications Industrious have been relatively stagnant for decades now, with little innovation despite the popularity of the segment. That’s why Samblis decided to shake things up.

The new Immersive Virtual Reality platform offers a futuristic alternative to the standard way of delivering this inspiring and educational content. But the real innovation is beneath the surface, where Samblis merged an amalgamation of technologies in a way that allows the company to deliver a seamless completely immersive experience which transforms the participants mind and spirit to help them find the greatness within themselves.

August 4th 2017 the company was qualified for a Reg A $18.75 Million money raise by the SEC.

Steven Samblis’ Other Accomplishments…

“The Worlds Greatest Marketing Tools” – Steven Samblis collaborated with Chicken Soup for the Soul co-creator Mark Victor Hansen on the audio program that told the story of the fax marketing company and how others could use his permission based fax marketing concept for almost any product or service. The program, called “The Worlds Greatest Marketing Tools” sold over 100,000 copies in the first 3 months of its release.

Planet Fitness– In a different business segment, Steve created for his friend Mike Grondahl, a new name brand for his struggling gym, Coastal Fitness, in Dover New Hampshire. He then created the $9.95 a month business model which turned the single gym into one of the most popular network of gyms in North America, Planet Fitness.  In November of 2015 Planet Fitness went public with a 1.6 billion dollar market valuation.

The Instant Movie Review – Samblis, road to Hollywood started in 2008 when he and friend Brad Daymond decided to film their 1st “Instant Movie Review” in a parking lot outside the AMC theater at Disney World in Florida.  After posting 3 interviews online x-MTV VJ and founder of, Adam Curry contacted Steve and asked him to take the reviews off of YouTube. Curry would pay to begin airing them on Mevio.  Within 6 months The Instant Movie Review on Mevio became the sites most watched shows reaching 100 million views a month.

This success caught the attention of Warner Bros who invited Steve to start interviewing actors and director on camera for their up coming block busters.  All the other studios followed.

Steve became one of the most watch interviewers in the country, hosting The Hollywood Fast Lane, a television show syndicated in North America and the UK. On the show Steve interviewed over 1000 of the biggest actors and directors in entertainment, one on one on camera.

This was the seed that led to the creation of Cinema Buzz ( featuring all of Steve’s interviews and movie reviews. With the launch, all of the movie studios and TV networks jumped on board, delivering daily new trailers, 1st looks, interviews, behind the scenes and clips from upcoming shows.  Every day the newest and coolest stuff about Hollywood and Television can be seen on the site.

Movie Production – Recently Steve co-produced his 1st movie, “Vigilante Diaries”, starring Michael Jai White from The Dark Knight,  Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs and The Hateful Eight, Danny Trejo from Machete and Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame. The movie released in theaters June of 2016. In July of 2016 the blu-ray will be released featuring a Behind-the-Scenes special feature produced by Steve and Envision TV.  Later in 2016 the movie will be aired on HBO and Cinemax.


Steven Samblis’ Projects